About the Artist


Artist’s statement

I live with my husband and two children in Pietermaritzburg on the East Coast of South Africa. Our house and my studio borders on bushveld and in this wonderful setting, I am fortunate enough to create my jewellery.

I have always loved making things!!! I began as a little girl by learning to crochet, knit and then to sew. As a teenager, having just had my ears pierced, I began to make beaded earrings. It didn’t occur to me then that I could become anything as exotic or hands on as a jeweller, my traditional options were admin kind of jobs. While working as a secretary, I was able to find an outlet for my creative energy by sewing my own clothes, then making little Teddy Bears, printing on T-shirts and then finally coming back to beaded jewellery. I loved the feeling of creating something beautiful, but beading wasn’t enough for me, so I began to experiment with other ways to make jewellery. Eventually, I found my way to metal and was able to put the ideas in my head into reality and so I began my journey in making jewellery with sterling silver.  I feel like I have come home, this is what God made me for.